Strategic management for kpj penang

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strategic management for KPJ Penang Words | 33 Pages. Perform External Audit Perform Internal Audit Conduct the SWOT analysis Sort various products/divisions of selected organization in BCG matrix. KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital is known in Perak as one of the premier in providing healthcare services to the community in May KPJ Ipoh then ISC (Ipoh Specialist Centre) started with 75 beds.

KPJ Ipoh then ISC (Ipoh Specialist Centre) started with 75 beds. KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital is the latest addition to renowned private specialist healthcare group KPJ Healthcare Berhad and one of few specialist hospitals located on mainland Penang. KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital fondly known as KPJ Penang is the 19th hospital under the flagship of KPJ Healthcare Berhad, which is owned and managed by Johor Corporation and is the leading group of healthcare.

Professional Development: KPJ healthcare Fully acknowledge the human potential as the most important element in enhancing professionalism, management expertise and turning visions to realities, KPJ Healthcare has further initiated and launched strategic affiliations with international partners and foreign universities to provide continuing professional education to its team of consultants and staff.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Strategic and Corporate Communication offers students a unique combination of strategic approaches in communication, management, healthcare and digital technologies.

BA (Hons) in Strategic and Corporate Communication

The programme gives an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of media and communication, and teaches students how to manage communications strategically.

Strategic management for kpj penang
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