God for a religious person

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Research Suggests God Helps Socially Isolated Religious People

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The Christian Post

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What is the Difference Between a Real Christian and a Religious Person?

Aug 29,  · Among the religiously unaffiliated, roughly three-in-ten (31%) say God is an impersonal force, a quarter say God is best viewed as a person and a third say God does not exist. However, among the subset of religious “nones” who describe their religion as “nothing in particular” and who also say religion is very or somewhat important in.

God's desire for the person caught in the trap of homosexuality is the same as for every other person caught in the trap of the sin nature; that we submit every area of our lives to Him and be transformed from the inside out by the renewing of our minds and the purifying of our hearts.

Philosophy of Religion.

Personal god

Philosophy of religion is the philosophical study of the meaning and nature of religion. It includes the analyses of religious concepts, beliefs, terms, arguments, and practices of religious adherents.

While God has revealed Himself in His creation, which gives us general revelation about God, and in the person of Jesus Christ, which gives us revelation of God incarnate, our focus in bibliology is on the revelation of God in the Bible, the written Word of God.

For a religious person to adopt that stance it means that the religious person is imposing his religious “rules” and teachings about taking the name in “vain”, and expecting the speaker to conform to such religious views and taboos by censoring himself solely for the benefit of the religious.

These questions can help cut to the chase when explaining the Gospel to a religious person. You will discover whether he understands the biblical teaching of conversion, and if he realizes that a believer is saved, forgiven, redeemed, born again, and justified on the front end of a relationship with God.

God for a religious person
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