Corporate governance is not for small

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Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance

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The importance of Corporate Governance

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Principles of Corporate Governance. Shareholder recognition is key to maintaining a company's stock price. More often than not, however, small shareholders with little impact on the stock price are brushed aside to make way for the interests of majority shareholders and the executive board.

Corporate governance is not quite common in the small business realm. In fact, most companies feel that corporate governance should be executed in large, publicly owned or traded companies. MALAYSIAN CODE ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 3 As listed companies are not a homogeneous group, it is necessary to provide flexibility and proportionality in the application of certain best practices.

CII has developed a comprehensive body of corporate governance best practices on matters including executive compensation, CEO succession, shareowner voting rights, shareholder meetings and board diversity.

For those small businesses that do not have the hierarchical structure in place to implement formal corporate governance plans, it is recommended that regular self assessment of the company will be the starting place for accountability, to enhance performance, grow the company and be a greater contributing force in the economy.

In order to help small and medium size organizations to implement corporate governance, the Institute of Directors of Zambia has developed a Corporate Governance Code for SME's where particular attention is given to the following.

Corporate governance is not for small
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