A hybrid system for multimedia conferencing

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Web conferencing

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Distance Education

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Audio Conferencing Integrations – Because Audio is Critical High-quality audio is a critical component of every meeting. With GlobalMeet® you can integrate audio seamlessly into your existing collaboration solutions, including Skype for Business, and Cisco WebEx.

Hybrid Systems Ricardo G. Sanfelice The Technical Committee on Hybrid Systems is dedicated to providing informational forums, meetings for technical discussion, and information over the web to researchers in the IEEE CSS who are interested in the field of hybrid systems and its applications.

For another example of hybrid-type multi-point conferencing see "H The multimedia communications standard for local area networks", IEEE Communications Magazine, December [] In addition to the specifications for media streams the H Recommendation also specifies the control architecture of a multipoint conference.

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12 Multimedia Conferencing Multimedia Conferencing: Service DeÞnition and Equipment Electronic Payment Systems 5.

Multimedia Content Description 6. Multimedia Content Production and Management ¥Suitable for meet-me and ad-hoc conferences of medium size ¥Note: Hybrid forms may use different conÞgurations for signaling and.

A hybrid system for multimedia conferencing
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